Asus R2HV S Video To Composite Cable For Laptop

Video (Y/C) and 3.5mm stereo jack to RCA Composite Cable Length: 6 feet (183 cm) Cable:1 x S-Video and 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack to 3 x RCA (Yellow, Red, White) Interconnect your laptop, netbook, or other devices to a TV or Projector Cable is bi-directional for RCA to S-Video or vice versa Aluminum shielding for an optimized signal-to-noise ratio 90% spiral-wrapped copper wire shielded to protect against EMI and RFI interference Suitable for the following laptop(s)/notebook computer(s): Asus: Asus Eee PC 900 / 901 (8.9), Asus Eee PC 1000 / 1000H (10.2), Asus Eee PC 700 / 701 / 702 (7), Asus F6V, Asus U6V, Asus F6A, Asus-LAMBORGHINI VX3, Asus F9SG, Asus U6E, Asus U6S, Asus R1E, Asus U1E, Asus F9E, Asus W7S, Asus R2HV, Asus R1F-, Asus R2H, Asus Eee PC S101 (10.2) MSI: MSI Wind U100 (10.2), MSI Wind U120 (10.2) Acer: Acer Aspire One A150 (8.9), Acer Aspire One D150 (10.1), Acer Aspire One AO751h (11.6) HP: HP Mini-Note 2133 (8.9), HP Mini 1000 (8.9), HP Mini 1000 (10.1), HP Mini 2140 (10.1) Dell: Dell Inspiron Mini 9 (8.9), Dell Inspiron 15 (1525), Dell Inspiron 14 (1420), Dell Inspiron 13, Dell Studio 15, Dell Studio 17, Dell XPS M1330, Dell XPS M1530, Dell XPS M1730 / M1730 Wow, Dell Inspiron Mini 10 (10.1), Dell Inspiron Mini 12 (12.1), Dell Latitude 2100 (10.1), Dell Inspiron Mini 10V (10.1) Lenovo: Lenovo IdeaPad S10 (10.2) Intel: Intel Classmate VIA: VIA OpenBook Everex: Everex Cloudbook Samsung: Samsung NC10 (10.2), Samsung N110, Samsung N120, Samsung N310 NEC: NEC LaVie Light BL100 Toshiba: Toshiba NB205 / NB205 Fusion Gigabyte: Gigabyte Thin Note M1024, Gigabyte Booktop M1022M, Gigabyte Touch Note M1028M / M1028G Universal

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