Visit Kristen Darkenwald from http shares some tips- on how to use Social Media For Small Business. Using Social Media for Small Business can be overwhelming for the small business owner, if you don’t understand where to start. Kristen Darkenwald explains A simple way for a small business owner how to use social media for business- which is using Facebook Fan Pages. Facebook fan pages are designed for businesses as compared to regular facebook pages, which are for personal uses. Learn a simple way of how to use social media for business by using your friends and family to promote your business using Facebook Fan Pages. Kristen Darkenwald also talks about a perfect example of how a business exploded using Social Media- If you’re asking how to Use Social Media for business- you should checkout Gary Vaynerchcuk of Wine Library Gary Vaynerchuck took the power of using social media for business by using video marketing to build his family wine business. He had such success from using social media for his business, it landed him on Late Night with Conan O’Brien He then took his success and wrote his best selling book, Crush It which describes how to take what you love, build a huge business around it using social media. Although How To Use Social Media for business can seen very daunting a task at first to small business owners, Kristen breaks it down to simple steps to using Social Media for Small Business.

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