How do You Use Social Media to Make Friends?

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites can be used to make friends, plan events, and maybe even find a relationship... if you know how. We got a great student video asking how a social awkward student can use social media sites to make friends. Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks and John Iadarola give him advice on how to use facebook to make friends... and whether that's even the best way to go about it. Do you think Jonathan should focus on using sites like Facebook and Twitter to plan events and find friends in college? Or should he use more traditional means like clubs, parties, etc? What advice would you give him? Have you started any real friendships or relationships online? Let us know! And if you liked this video, hit that Share button and "like" it as well! :) Subscribe to TYT U for more videos:‪ ‬ Submit a video to TYT U! We love hearing from students and faculty ‪ Follow us on twitter! ‪

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  2. most people are annoying so I keep a tight crew, very few friends I’ve known for years, its enough, I do not *want* many friends

  3. The Young Turks are a bunch of fucking fags.

  4. Wow, American schools sound insane.

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  6. NoremacTheGreat says:

    Go to this thing called 4chan.

  7. Just make a tumblr and stay introverted

  8. Hey! Am from Indiana graduated from IU, which school from Indiana did you graduate from?

  9. TheAtheistSocialist says:

    Seriously? how do i make friends?
    One of the most useless videos ever made.

  10. KobeBryantROXz says:

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  11. KobeBryantROXz says:

    What are the possibilities of a great social life and getting laid when I start college if I don’t drink..? thanks. I just know there’s a lot of getting hammered by alcohol in college

  12. Barcrafts.

  13. AprilsMoon92 says:

    I found one of the best places to make friends is at school clubs, I joined one, did lots of different fundraiser/club activities and make quite a few friends that way.

  14. Stop gaining just electronic/online experience points. If you’re socially awkward, level up, not everyone has to be the guy doing the beer bong, or the player, but just being able to socialise with anyone who might show up is invaluable. Small steps are fine, but just get out there, login to society.

  15. TheCagedTiger says:

    tfw no gf

  16. nartoelek says:

    Work in campus, you might see familiar faces from your class…more hours more probability

  17. underdescribed says:

    How do You Use Social Media to Make Friends? Unless you’re a complete loser with a shit personality whose smell no one wants to get wafted onto their shirt, you usually don’t.

  18. The Introverted male is the lowest on the societal ladder.

  19. unknowntiger300 says:

    Just join an organization

  20. Huzzawful says:

    I’m in, time and place?

  21. irgendwann mal says:

    he sounds like a straight up princess…

  22. Norwayflex89 says:

    Word! They got more facts and knowledge over the years so less reasons to act like douches :)

  23. CharmedPop says:

    I agree. I actually became friends with several professors in college, some I’ve never even had a class with.

  24. CharmedPop says:

    I met several people by helping organize Occupy events. I discovered that I get drained easily even in small groups of people that I really enjoy being around. Most of the people were gamers, so I added them on Facebook and Steam and now I know people around campus but did most of the “hard” socializing on the web.

    I think there is a problem here because extroverts are telling introverts how to make friends. I received the same advice as a freshman in this video and it just didn’t help.

  25. Story of my life.

  26. comerbp82 says:

    fuck social media

  27. Keep going home. Don’t make many friends. People generally suck ass.

  28. xtralimit says:

    he sounds like a pussy fancy boy.

  29. BDRProject says:

    Ana has the right idea. I’ve been where he is, and the best thing to do is talk to those acquaintances and make friends out of some of them. Just see what they’re up to. It’s a lot easier than it seems at first.

  30. coolman9999uk says:

    Ok, but when you finally have a friend, especially a girlfriend, how do you stop them from screaming without suffocating them?

  31. Norwayflex89 says:

    Hang out with the teachers! Some older poeple act less douchy 😛 I have no idea tbh. never had that problem. because I am a douchebag

  32. timmcbeath says:

    Great call on the BSG John, and absolute great call on the co-ed! :)

  33. spicyMcHAGGIS9green says:

    “I make friends online because I don’t have any social skills.”

    What’s wrong with people? What ever happened to saying “hi” and then telling them what your name is?

  34. James Valladares says:

    I don’t use social networking to make friends. I use it to keep in touch with friends.

  35. branzilla says:

    I think making friends was summed up in the end, ask some people if they are hungry and go grab a bite.

  36. TheDrumlineChik says:

    At the my university (which is in Florida btw), the parties and social events are mostly during the weekdays. The campus is totally dead on the weekends… :/

  37. DrSpooglemon says:

    Hey. You fancy coming to an orgy this weekend?

  38. DrSpooglemon says:

    The vast majority of people who use facebook use it to communicate with friends they met in the real world…

  39. HorrorNetwork says:

    The vast majority of people who use social media like facebook are losers.

  40. islespatrick says:

    Why do people care about having a lot of friends? I think it’s ridiculous

  41. JimmyV2009 says:

    Dude: You make friends doing things. Join a club, take a dance class, just do something that will put you with people of a like mind. I joined a Salsa dancing club because I don’t want to go out and get hammered. I have never made so many great friends.

  42. No. Women are the shallow ones.

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