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Video on how to use social media in the data cabling business sponsored by NBM Distribution Limited Danny Kindell of NBM Distribution discusses the how to use social media helps in developing his data cabling business.

How to Use Social Media

How to Use Social Media In this video, I share the three best activities to engage in with social media. To learn more about this topic and to gain bonus materials, visit:

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Social Media and SEO | How to Use Social Media To Jump Up the Search Engine Rankings

How to Use Social Media to Jump Up the Search Engine Rankings With the new Google update, many are searching for a new strategy that will work to gain ranking quickly and maintain it. One of the keys to gaining high rankings is to use social media profiles and backlinks. By using the right methods, you can find your website on the first page of Google within a couple of weeks, and you can keep it there. This strategy has proven to work after the Google Penguin update and will help you gain the traffic you desire. Just like if you used one of the translation services to gain access to other global markets with your content, you can use social media to gain ranking with a new website or blog. Here are a few tips to help you put your strategy together. Use Social Media to Jump Up the Search Engine Rankings 1. Target a Keyword Phrase Most internet marketers already know how to target a keyword phrase, like “legal translations” properly. However, just to be sure, you need a density of around 2-3%. Use the keyword phrase in the title of the post or page and also use it in the first and last paragraph. That is all you need to worry about with your keyword phrase. 2. Using the Right Social Sites Twitter, Facebook and Google+ are key sites to use if you want to improve your rankings. Set up a profile on all of them. You may also want to use Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Four Square, FriendFeed, Tumblr and any of the others. You can actually set up your blog posts to automatically go out

Lifestyle Tip 16 – How to use Social Media for Business, Influence and Income | 4FREE Bonuses on the site 1. More than 60 Lifestyle Videos 2. Free 49 Page Lifestyle Guide 3. Free 30 Page Guide Social Networking for Business, Influence and Income 4. Free 30 Page Guide: Using the Internet for Business, Influence and Income 1U 19″ Rack Mount LCD Console w/ KVM Switch Module


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Welcome to Splash Media U – How to Use Social Media for Marketing

Welcome to Splash Media U, our premium social media training program with an ever expanding collection of classes ranging from basic to advanced and complex strategies on how to use social media for marketing.

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