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Graphics Tutorials – Social Media Icons & how to use them (w/ downloadable pack) #6 @PaNiiKzZ

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while now, so here’s my tutorial on using social media icons (and network logos), with its downloadable pack below. Be sure to tell me what you guys want tutorials on so I can give them to you! Hope you guys enjoy this and I look forward to some tweets of your work in action. DOWNLOADS — Icons.psd – — Typicons font – — Modern Pictograms font – MY SERIES — Want to hire me? – — Want to learn? – — Want my resources? – CONNECT — Twitter – — Facebook – — Online – MY GRAPHIC PARTNERS — SpitfireDesigns – http — Chudleigh – THE FUZE TEAM — YouTube – — Twitter – — Facebook – YEOUSCH — Yeousch Graphics – — Yeousch – — Twitter – — Facebook –

Netregistry Webinar: How to use Social Media for your business (4 April 2012)

Everyone is talking about using social media for business. Is social media all about adding some buttons on your website to say Follow us or Like us? Is your Industry ready for social media? Do you think your potential customers would be influenced with social media signals before they make a decision? With all these questions, many business owners forget to take a moment and think about what the best social media strategy is for their business and whether or not it is the right medium for them – with most signing up to all social media platforms and then not being able to manage it. In this webinar, we take a step back and look at the revolution of social media, how it affects your business and look at tools that you can use to effectively manage social media.

How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Your Business – Free Social Media Guide

Click the following link for immediate access to your FREE Social Media Guide: In this powerful three minute message you’ll learn why you should use Social media to successfully promote, your business. And you’ll learn how to quickly set up your social media networks by accessing an absolutely FREE in-depth Social Media Marketing Guide that will take you step-by-step, from start to finish of setting up your own successful social media campaigns. Click the following link for immediate access to your FREE Guide to Social Media Marketing Success: I’ve even included powerful videos and my contact information to assist you with your efforts. The guide is perfect for you if you want to: * Manage and implement your own social media campaigns * Outsource and pay a social media manager to do all or most of the job (This guide will help you understand and know what a successful campaign should include.) * Help one of your employees learn how to set up your social media presence So whatever your social marketing needs, this guide is the perfect resource to assist you. Click the link to immediately access your guide:

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How To Use Social Media For Small Business

How To Use Social Media For Small Business

Small businesses get a full search engine optimized web page on with social media marketing tools built right in. This video demonstrates what a moderncoupon page looks like and how an effective social media post takes only a couple of clicks. This feature alone is worth every penny of the annual fee of just $397 but there are even more features and benefits. http

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How To Use Social Media to Find a Job | Crystal Washington | Beyond the Headlines

Kim Davis of KPRC Channel 2’s Beyond the Headlines speaks with Crystal Washington about how to use the Internet, social media sites and social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to find jobs and grow their personal brands. For more information on Crystal Washington, marketing social media consultant and keynote speaker, visit

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Effective Media Outreach – How To Use Social Media For Good – Paul Robertson

Ron Mainse speaks with Paul Robertson of Youth Unlimited about new technologies that our youth are tuned into and how we can make it work for good. Paul Robertson Youth Culture Specialist for Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC), Director of Church, School & Family Resources for Youth Unlimited

How to use Social Media Marketing

How to use Social Media Marketing 888-913-0022 Social Hands are the new way to Share all your social connections with the world about your business and about YOU! It is a one-of-a kind, web based, product designed to let people know about you. The SMPK(Social Media Press Kit) consolidates all of your social media links (whether you have 1 or 6) into one place which saves you and your potential client’s valuable time. Before people make critical decisions for their business they spend time researching the person and company. Now, a main decision maker can have everything they need right from your SMPK. It is an instant rapport builder. Ever wonder what the other person on the phone looks like? People buy from either people they know or they are comfortable with. SMPK delivers that and a lot more. Features Included • 3 Page Website no programming or installation of software necessary and can be set up and live in under an hour! • Customizable Buttons to tell people about you, your product, services etc. (2 of these buttons link to external websites). • Profile Picture/Company Logo is easily displayed. • Video Content to showcase yourself, a product or demonstration. • Organize Social Network Profiles by taking any of your (Facebook, Linked In, Tumblr, YouTube, Word Press etc.) and have them appear on the main navigation bar of your home page which gives you and your viewers easy access to learn more about you. Eliminate needing to log into multiple websites to either view or update your

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